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Mi Mexico

Mi Mexico

Mi Mexico is a family owned, authentic Mexican restaurant located in City Center Mall in Morris, MN. Their doors first opened in Benson, MN in October 2007. They have a newly renovated store and location in Benson today as well. The owners, Juan and Stephanie Cid, wanted to capture the beauty and cuisine of the Mexican culture here in Minnesota, as well as promote family time. What worked in Benson worked in Morris too when they expanded to a second location. The Morris community eagerly anticipated its opening in December of 2014.

Juan and Stephanie met while working at another Mexican restaurant and got engaged while working there together. That’s when they decided they would like to open their own Mexican restaurant together. “We decided we wanted to form something for us to grow and to bring some of our dreams (more so my husband’s dreams for us 😊) into reality,” says Stephanie. When they first started up at the store in Benson, there was minimal decorations and they just did what they could with the little money they had saved up to get the restaurant up and running. With generous community support and hard work, little by little, they have been able to add more color and have more of their dreams (to capture the beauty of the Mexican culture) become a reality. “We love owning Mi Mexico because it’s a daily reminder that your dreams can come true and that we show our children how important it is to go after your dreams and work hard,” says Stephanie. She also mentions she loves seeing regular customers in the restaurant as well as meeting the new people who come in too. “The Morris community has been such an amazing new home for us, they have been so supportive to us and our business. We have met so many people and it’s been such a blessing,” Stephanie adds.

If you are looking for something tasty and satisfying on the menu, some of the most popular items include the #44 chimichanga dinner, the #66 botana dinner and the fajitas, just to name a few. All of the food is literally made from scratch and they make their own sauces, salsas, rice, beans, chips, tamales, etc. There is no canned or frozen pre-made foods. Their menu is large with a wide variety so there is something for everyone!

Stephanie says that although not all of their workers are blood related, the staff is family. “The Mi Mexico business would not thrive if not for the amazing people who work so hard alongside us! It’s very much a group effort and we are so blessed to have such hard workers who enjoy working as a family.”

Mi Mexico is located in Benson, MN as well as in City Center Mall in Morris, MN. They are open Monday-Wednesday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. To make a reservation or to reach them, call (320) 585-8001.

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