Membership Rates

*New Business Chamber Members get 1st year at ½ price!
 (have not been a member in the past 5 years)

*New Start Up Businesses get 2 years at ½ price!
 (must have started business within the last year)

For Profit Businesses:

       $210 (includes two employees)

       Additional Employees:  $8.00 each for the next 25 employees (2 part time= 1 full time)

                                             $3.00 each for the following 26-100 employees


Business with Professionals: (including, but not limited to, doctor, lawyer, accountant)

          $210 includes one professional

          $ 50 each additional professional

          1-25  $8.00 each employee

          26+   $5.00 each employee



          $410, plus $30 per million in deposits



          $210 (includes the first 12 units) plus $6.50 per additional unit thereafter.  With restaurant or lounge, add $175


Individuals: (Non-business) $40 

Family: $60


Home Based Business (i.e. Mary Kay etc.): $50


Non-profit Agencies/Organizations: / Non-Profit Chamber member:

 All-volunteer organization, with no paid staff ($50 per year)

 Paid staff organization ($100 per year includes up to five full-time employees. Add   $3.00 per additional


 *Your investment in the Morris Area Chamber may be tax deductible. Check with your accountant.

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