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If you have ever tried planning a vacation on your own, you know how overwhelming it can be to search through the thousands of different options and “deals” that come up online. That’s where For Getaways Travel, located in Herman, MN comes in. Pam Severance started the business in 2011 and has been helping people plan their trips of a lifetime ever since. For Getaways Travel is a full-service travel agency which helps customers with all kinds of travel needs, including arranging flights, hotels and rental cars to all-inclusive resorts and cruises all across the world. Pam helps people make educated decisions based on their budgets, needs and desires with all of their travel plans.

Pam calls herself a people person who enjoys working with her customers to pick their perfect vacation. “I consider myself to be very lucky to help people plan their vacations,” says Pam, “Something they have dreamed about and worked hard to save money for. It is very rewarding to be able to help them plan and see their excitement as their travel approaches, and their photos and stories when they return!”

Since she has been in business for 15 years, she has a lot of fond memories of customers who she has helped over time. One of the best and most difficult stories was a man who saved for years for his dream vacation to Europe. When he checked in to his flight, an airline employee made a mistake and would not allow him to board the airplane, resulting in him missing his flight, his tour, and ultimately, his entire trip. It took almost two weeks for Pam to get everything straightened out with various companies, but in the end, he did get to take that trip he had been dreaming of and planning his whole life. “I still have the gift he brought me as a thank you on my desk,” says Pam.

Obviously things have changed in the travel industry over the years with more rules, regulations and fees at the airport. With the Internet now being widely used and available to everyone, people sometimes have the false idea that they can get a better deal by booking their own travel online. Pam says a lot of people think it costs more money to go through a travel agency and they charge more for their services. “It is very much the opposite!” says Pam, “I work every day to make sure my customers get the best value for their travel plans. Only if you have any issues-unlike an online agency, with us you actually talk to a real person who values your thoughts and concerns!” Pam says it may surprise people to know that 99% of the people she works with every day are excited and happy people planning their dream vacations. “To me, it’s just an honor to be able to help them with this!”

If you would like to contact For Getaways Travel to help plan your next trip, you can call Pam at 320-677-2312.

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