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When you think of Meadowland Market, what do you see? Contrary to popular belief, it is not just a grocery store full of outdated food and smashed cans. Although they do carry some of those items, they also carry fresh and frozen foods as well as have toys, office supplies, cleaning products, and an entire room devoted to party needs and balloons. Meadowland is still inspected by the state and they do have to follow the rules and regulations. Any of the best sell by dates that are out of date are still good products, you just get a better deal on it!

Trevor Schmidgall and his wife Jody bought Meadowland Market in March 2008. A local Christian band, Children 18:3, had started a small store in Hancock, MN. When the Schmidgall’s bought it from them, they stayed in that location in Hancock for awhile and moved to a new location in Morris in 2011, where Image Xperts currently resides today. Finally, in 2012, they moved to their current largest location to date. Meadowland did a repair recently to the store which included larger aisles, new flooring and a new look overall.

Trevor and Jody had never owned a store previously to buying Meadowland Market, nor had they worked in the grocery store business. But they certainly have learned a lot over their years of owning the store, moving locations, and getting new products! Trevor also knows how to find a good bargain. “My favorite part is going and finding the product,” says Trevor. “Going down to warehouses, flying out to shows, always trying to find something new and fresh, it’s fun.” The shows Trevor is referring to happen eight times a year in big cities like Las Vegas with overstock and close-out items. There are all kinds of items for sale there, not just food items, and Trevor finds a lot of new things for the store here in Morris.

Currently, Meadowland has just seven employees, none of them full-time. 85% of the items sold in the store are food products, but the things bought and sold at Meadowland are constantly changing. You can come into the store and be surprised to find new things everyday! In the summer, they get into doing some orchard fruit including blueberries and cherries. There have also been some more unique products over the years. People are intrigued when the store receives octopus or quail eggs every once in awhile, but that’s what makes the store unique! For being in a smaller community oin Morris, it’s good to have the variety that we have and the affordable prices at Meadowland.

Meadowland Market is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. They are located at 10 West 6th St. and can be reached at (320) 585-5050.

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