Membership Spotlight: Big Stone Chiropractic

Big Stone Chiropractic in Ortonville and Morris does far more than chiropractic care. “While patients can get what they may consider a normal adjustment, at our clinic we also have unique protocols that I developed through my own health struggles.” Says Doctor Chance Haugen, Doctor of Chiropractic at Big Stone Chiropractic. “These protocols use adjustments and something called cellular detox to help people get to the root cause of their health problems. Most of the time health issues have multiple causes and all of these need to be addressed to truly be healthy.” That all-in mentality makes them a popular place for people to solve not only their back problems, but overall health and well being issues too. “Once we find the cause (of the health issues) we help people remove it and allow their bodies to do what they were made to do: heal,” Chance adds.

And popular they are! Chance says they have one of the most watched chiropractic videos of all time with 7.4 million views and 51,000 shares! You also may not know that Chance authored a number one selling book on Amazon called “Toxic Inflammation.” Clearly he has a lot of knowledge about how people can be healthy and happy for life. Check out their many YouTube videos they have that feature some familiar faces from the Morris community!

But all of this success is not without some struggle too. Chance admits that there are more and more regulations that makes business harder and constant fights with insurance companies and what they will and will not cover gets old. Especially for small businesses, health care regulations can be especially hard on businesses like Big Stone Chiropractic.

Despite these regulations, Chance and the other three employees who work for Big Stone Chiropractic in Morris are clearly invested in the people they see. Chance also loves being in the community of Morris. “I have absolutely loved how easy and fun it has been to work with other practitioners in Morris,” Chance says. “It has been great having a core group of professionals to work with on a regular basis. Morris is lucky to have people willing to work together.”

Chance, his wife Amber, and their two kids Quinn and Easton would like to thank the Morris community for being so welcoming! “We try to put our faith in Christ above all else and we thank God every day for giving us the opportunity to help people truly get well.”

Big Stone Chiropractic in Morris is open Tuesday from 9am-12pm and 2-5pm and Thursday from 9am-12pm and 2-5pm. They are located on the second floor of the City Center Mall in Morris and their phone number is (320) 585-1010.

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