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Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission (SCEIC)

Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission (SCEIC)

Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission started as the West Central Industrial Improvement Corporation in 1980 with a Board of Directors whose goal was to increase employment opportunities through business expansion and retention in the West Central Area. In March of 1990 the organization changed to the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission. Cheryl Kuhn has been the Executive Director since October of 2016, alongside her is Amanda Nygaard who has been the Admin Assistant since September of 2017. Both Cheryl and Amanda feel lucky to work at the SCEIC because of the opportunity to help people accomplish their dreams of starting a new business or assist people with their established business.

Their hope for the future is to continue serving the clients and to grow the economy of Stevens County, but to make sure all businesses feel fortunate to be building in the community and that residents have a great place to call home. Some challenges that are faced within is getting excited about a new business coming into the area or assisting an existing business to stay in business, but not being able to tell anyone because of confidentiality guidelines.

The Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission (SCEIC) provides economic development services to make the economy of Stevens County more vital and viable through job retention and job growth. The SCEIC offers free CONFIDENTIAL professional consulting services to businesses or individuals doing business in Stevens County or to those businesses or individuals who will locate their business to Stevens County. These services include but are not limited to: New Business Start-Up Planning, Business Plan Development, Loan Application Assistance, Loan Packaging, Store Front Renovation loans, and Business Training Referrals. The SCEIC also provides academic, professional, technological and private consulting resources to assist businesses whenever possible.

Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission, Inc. (SCEIC) is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service, the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the Minnesota Secretary of State, and the Minnesota State Attorney General as of 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. SCEIC is audited annually by an independent CPA/Accounting firm.

They would like to invite all current and new businesses to stop in a chat about ideas they have for their business or the development of the County. They recently redesigned the SCEIC website which is available at Their website is filled with resources to help you and your business start or continue to grow. The SCEIC can be contacted by email at or phone at (320) 585-2609. They are located at 215 Atlantic Avenue, Morris.

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