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Student Internship Opportunity

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The Stevens County Building Resilience (SCBR) committee in partnership with the Morris Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking a college or high school student to assist in gathering county resource information.

Responsibilities will include:

-Contacting Stevens County agencies, programs, and groups to collect resource information from a compiled list
-Building and managing a google form
-Inputting information in google sheets
-Importing images and updating information in WordPress

Preferred Experience:
-Familiar with google forms
-Strong verbal and written communication -Analytical and problem-solving skills
-Ability to collaborate with others
-Strong work ethic and attention to detail
-Preference to Bilingual applicants who meet other qualification

-Shadowing and training experiences with knowledgeable professionals
-Opportunity to attend networking events and meetings
-Flexible schedule for students
-Compensation available

Project timeline:
-April through June

This project is funded by a Minnesota Department of Human Services grant. To apply, send resume to

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