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SUIDAE Health & Production

SUIDAE Health & Production

When did SUIDAE get started and by whom? (If large corporation, when did it get started in Morris and by whom)

Suidae Health and Production was started in 1998/99. The Morris location officially opened January 1, 2012. Dr. Todd Distad has been at this location since then and a new graduate from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Chris Deegan, will be starting at the Morris location in May.

Who are you and What is your title? Todd Distad, DVM and Company shareholder and veterinarian / consultant.

How long have you worked for Suidae?

I started at Suidae in May of 2001 upon graduating from veterinary school. Next month marks my 17th year in swine exclusive practice.

What do you love or like about working here?

My wife and I absolutely love the lakes area in addition the people that live here. My clientele is so much different and BETTER in my opinion from when I practiced in the Iowa. My clients are all independent producers that can make quick and decisive decisions relative to large integrated pork production companies.

What is the mission and some of the goals of Suidae?

Suidae Health and Production is a swine exclusive veterinary clinic delivering innovative solutions and services to help our clients achieve success in the swine industry. Our technical expertise and multifaceted approach to problem solving has allowed our customers to improve health, production efficiency, and optimize revenue across a diverse client base locally and internationally.

We have a dedicated support staff willing to go the extra mile for our customers by involving them in our unique business culture and family friendly environment.

We provide complete swine consultation services in the area of health, production, training, research, project management, finance, laboratory services, and product procurement. We have offices in Algona, IA, Morris, MN, Hartington, NE, and Lake City, IA.

Do you have any funny/interesting/memorable stories about the business or stories of customers over the years you can/would like to share?

The business of swine veterinary practice is constantly evolving. The first 5 years of practice life was a lot different than the second 5 years as is now the most recent 5 years different. Adaptation to a changing business climate is paramount.

What are some challenges the business has faced?

Anything that adversely affects the pork industry affects our business to some degree. Pork profitability or lack thereof, animal rights groups, anti-animal agriculture groups, etc.

What are some things people may not know about this business?

Folks in the pork industry would know what we do, but people not familiar with the swine industry might not know that Suidae also manages farms for producers that don’t want to deal with staffing, payroll, day to day management of a sow farm or a wean to market operation.

Suidae veterinarians and production personnel also are active advocates for the pork industry by participating in visits to state capitals or Washington DC.

What are some of your hopes and dreams for the future of this business?

Suidae would like to continue to grow and be an integral part of the pork industry and its success going forward.

What do you enjoy about being in the Morris community?

Definitely the people are number one. My wife and I grew up in small communities in SE MN. We both agree that relocating and starting up a new office in Morris was the right decision. I can’t complain about the waterfowl hunting and fishing either.

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